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Advertising inside chatbots is a brand new marketing channel. It provides media companies the way to reach customers at the moment when they are looking for relevant information. AddyBot is a platform where advertisers pay chatbot developers for not annoying ads.


For Advertisers

Be first to advertise in chatbots, the fastest growing marketing channel. AddyBot supports CPC and CPM campaigns. You can target your audience by interests and languages. Chatbots create a new market where miracles are possible, and unicorns are already alive. Give it a try.

For Bot Owners

Connect your chatbot to AddyBot API and start making money today. You put a simple script into your chatbot code and call this script every time you want to show advertising to your chatbot user. Take the advise of the community and our specialists to make it not annoying for your users.

Chatbots bring marketing disruption

People check their phones about 50 times a day. Text messaging is the #1 reason.

Chatbots get you into this game. By the end of this year they are on track to become a part of the most valuable media channel in history - the channel of interpersonal communication.

A chatbot may be an assistant, a translator, a guide, a secretary, an entertainer. They become part of human interaction. The advertising is becoming smarter to survive. We suggest developers to embed it into conversation flow.

Users involved in a conversation with chatbot are more likely to open the links it sends. Targeting tools make ads sometimes not harmful but useful for users.

We anticipate chatbots will disrupt marketing. Chatbots can not only pitch their users, but also ask questions, discuss opinions, and finally, give a good advice.

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