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The first sheet of any scientific work is obligatory and important, because it attracts the eye, arouses curiosity and adjusts to the perception of the content. Accordingly, the title page of the essay should be executed – ideally correctly and, if possible, perfectly. About this our article.

What should the title page of an essay look like?

The “pyramid” of the requirements for the title page is rather big. And it is necessary to start “building” it with page parameters (it is assumed that you are working in the text editor Microsoft Office Word):

• centimeter indents on the page are: on the right – 1, on the left – 3, the upper and lower borders – 2;

• standard text blocks of the title page are typed in the most convenient and readable font Times New Roman (size 14);

• all headings-titles that make up the title page of an essay are used without separators at the end; they are not underlined or transferred from line to line. Only two text blocks on this page are marked out in bold and in capital letters – the name of the type of work and the topic;

• This page is included in the general numbering, is 1, but the number is not indicated on it (these are the rules of any cover page – the first page is left without a number).

The title page of the essay consists of the following text blocks:

• The “header” includes 3-4 top lines located in the center (respectively align the text “header” in the center), then the interval is single, then one-and-a-half: 1 line (topmost) is the name of the ministry to which the university submits (the title is typed uppercase); 2 line – the name of the school (in lower case letters, the first – the title); 3 line – faculty and the next 4 line – department (lower case, the first letter of the title – the capital). “Cap” is worn!

• form a “center”. To do this, we deviate 8 intervals down from the “header” and with the center alignment type the following lines: 1 – type of work: ESSEY (in capital letters, bold), 2 line – name of the discipline on which the work was done (lower case), 3 line – subject (uppercase, bold). “Center” is formed!

• The bottom text box is the only lowest line, centered, which indicates the city and year of this work (in capital letters, nothing is indicated after the year number).