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What does the teacher pay attention to when reading an essay? In addition to the content, of course, on the design, on which the perception and readability of the text depends. It is therefore extremely important to be aware of how to arrange an essay.

The role of the “designer” is very difficult, because it includes many different small and large nuances that must be taken into account. If it is difficult for you to cope with it, order this service in high-quality and fast execution from our experienced authors, who can cope with any task!

What is estimated in an essay?

In addition to knowing how to apply for an essay, it is important to understand what the teacher values ​​in it. You get points for:

  • motivation of a choice of a theme and awareness in it
  • depth of acquaintance with literary sources
  • sufficient pithiness (briefly about the main thing) and convincing statement of his point of view

These are the requirements for the content side of the work. There are strict requirements for design.

The work, despite the “freedom of the genre”, has a clear structure, including:

  • introduction (it summarizes the understanding and approaches to the consideration of the issue; do not forget to identify the problem of work and define key terms);
  • the main part (the argumentation and analysis of the question under consideration develops. The main thing is to follow the consistent logical interconnection of paragraphs, which argue the main point. Referring to the actual data as confirmation of the arguments, it is important to indicate where and when the research was conducted, avoiding excessive generalization and final answers to the question or a problem. Everything is strict and logical!)
  • conclusion (it summarizes the main conclusions and instructions where it is possible to apply this study, as well as its relationship with other scientific problems).

The work may be an analysis of a specific case or problem, the solution of which is proposed by the author. And it can become a critical analysis of a thesis that is important for the disclosure of a significant topic. The choice is yours. In the structure of the text, it is important that the headlines carry the fullness of the meaning and include a list of references.

The text of the work is subject to the following formal rules:

  • font size and type without fail – size 14, Times New Roman. The fact that they are used for one-sided printing, A4 sheets, needless to mention – everyone already knows about this;
  • it is necessary to observe the alignment of the text in width; interval – 1.5; paragraph indent – 1.25 cm;
  • page parameters in centimeters: right border – 1, left – 3, upper and lower – 2;
  • pages, although they are automatically numbered, if you specify an option, but first you have to set it: the Arabic number on the page should be located in the header in the center. In addition, the first page (title) is not numbered, but is included in the overall numbering.