How to format an essay?

What does the teacher pay attention to when reading an essay? In addition to the content, of course, on the design, on which the perception and readability of the text depends. It is therefore extremely

The title page of an essay

The first sheet of any scientific work is obligatory and important, because it attracts the eye, arouses curiosity and adjusts to the perception of the content. Accordingly, the title page of the essay should be

The volume of the essay

Getting to the writing of a work, it is always important to know its scope. In this article we analyze the volume of sec. “Flight of fantasy” often lands hard requirements, but this is inevitable

Writing an essay: how to impress the reader?

The word “essay” is not so tightly entered into our lives, but those who have had to deal with entrance examinations for creative specialties or test tests in educational institutions are well aware of this

How to write an essay?

Essay is a genre of artistic and journalistic, popular science literature. Characterized by a free, not necessarily exhaustive, but distinctly individualized interpretation of the topic. Tips for writing an essay: 1. Understand the purpose of